10 Reasons Why You Will Benefit From Hiring Lansing Criminal Defense Lawyer

Unlike playing a videogame, you only get one chance to fight criminal charges. There is no, “sorry, I messed up, can we start over?”

If you don’t have proper legal representation you are risking your future. Some consequences may impact you in ways you never would have imagined. (future travel, future work, etc.)

Lansing Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged in the Lansing area with a crime that, if convicted, could have a major impact on your life?

Maybe you have not been formally charged or arrested, but you are a suspect by law enforcement in a criminal case?

Even if you realize your best chance of making these criminal charges go away is to hire an attorney, it can still be very confusing when trying to find a good criminal defense lawyer in your area. In addition, Criminal Defense cases such as Drug Crimes, Drug Posession, etc., vary wildy across Ingham County, Lansing and East Lansing. Yes, depending on your criminal offense, paying for a defense attorney can be expensive. This is why Basiga Law makes every attempt to keep the cost for hiring a defense attorney affordable for every client. In addition, we offer a 100% FREE CONSULTATION for every client who contacts us.

This is why we created this list of 10 Benefits and Tips when looking to hire a criminal defense attorney. Hopefully, it will help guide you in hiring the best attorney for you and your case.

When facing a criminal charge one of the most important decisions you need to make is if you should hire a Lansing Criminal Defense Lawyer. You need to research the options available to you in order to make an informed decision on how to protect yourself.

People often wonder if they need to hire a criminal law attorney because they are worried about the associated expenses.

Even though there are costs for hiring a lawyer, the expertise and peace of mind you will gain from their guidance is invaluable. 

Unlike going to court for a speeding ticket or facing a case in small claims court, facing criminal charges such as Drunk Driving, Domestic Violence or a Drug Possession Charge can have a major impact on your future, so it is vital to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you.

1. Help Explain the Process for You

The Michigan legal system can be hard to understand and confusing. This is why hiring an expert criminal defense lawyer who knows the system is important.

From how you can be questioned by the police to how your hearings will take place, you will know exactly how the process will move forward in the system. Their guidance will help remove any confusion that may exist regarding the process and will help put your mind at ease.

The attorneys at Basiga Law Firm will explain the entire process with you and will help you understand your rights.

Michigan Court System Process

2. Handle All Your Paperwork

Everyone knows handling the paperwork for any legal process in the Michigan Court System can be daunting. The forms and documents can be time-consuming and difficult to understand. When you hire a defense attorney, they will know exactly how to fill out everything for you.

Your criminal defense team will handle all the required paperwork for you and will ensure no deadlines are missed and that everything is done correctly.

3. Criminal Defense Attorneys Know the Law – Legal Advice

A Lansing Michigan area criminal defense law office will have knowledgeable attorneys who have spent years practicing law and who understand how to handle the charges in your case. Basiga Law Firm has a team of trained professionals who can look for ways that the law can be used to help defend your case. They have spent years studying the legal system and keep up-to-date on all changes to the law.

Your legal team will also know the boundaries that exist to protect your rights from law enforcement and the prosecution. They will be able to review your case in-depth and will find any evidence which may have been obtained improperly.

A review of your case could lead to having evidence suppressed or having your criminal charges dismissed. A criminal defense attorney has spent years defending similar cases and is able to identify areas of weaknesses that may exist in your case.

4. Will Help You Consider All Options

In many cases, you will be offered options as to how your case will move forward. From negotiations related to the types of charges that will be filed to potential options for plea deals, an expert criminal defense attorney can help you weigh these choices to determine what is the best decision for you.

They can also negotiate other potential outcomes including the reduction of charges and penalties or even the possible dismissal of your case.

Some things you may need to consider are whether your case should go to trial or if you should accept a deal offered by the prosecution. Your attorney will go over all of the consequences of any decision and what type of sentence you could face if convicted at a trial. In addition, your attorney will review all the outcomes of a guilty plea.

5. Will Handle Discussions with Prosecution

Your criminal defense attorney will act as your spokesperson and will handle all discussions with the prosecution and law enforcement. These discussions can often get heated, but your attorney will remain calm and will work to neutralize the situation.

Our team at Basiga Law Firm has spent years developing relationships with local prosecuting attorneys.

Having a good rapport ensures that negotiations can be handled in a professional manner for your case. We also are familiar with local judges and know the best tactics to use depending on who we will be facing in a case.

6. Have Your Back – Personalized Attention

When you are charged with a crime it can feel like everyone is against you or you may not feel comfortable sharing the details of your case with people who you are close to in life.

An experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney will be in your corner and is there for you to talk to about anything and everything regarding your case. Your attorney will have your back and will be there to support you throughout the process.

7. Will Fight to Protect Your Future

Depending on the criminal charges you are facing in a criminal case your life and future could be on the line. From spending years in prison to paying high fees and penalties, if convicted your life could be dramatically changed.

The consequences can be far-reaching from impacting your ability to obtain future employment to limiting where you can live if you have certain Criminal Sexual Conduct convictions. (sex crimes)

An expert criminal defense attorney can also help to keep your criminal record clean. Every case is different, but in some circumstances, your attorney may be able to have a case dismissed or may be able to help to have a conviction set aside or removed (expunged) from your record.

Your attorney can help you determine what options may be available in your case that can help you lead a normal life.

8. Save You Money

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can be expensive but having their expertise to guide you through the process will end up saving you money overall. 

Your attorney will make sure that your entire case is handled as efficiently as possible. This will reduce the amount of time it takes for your case to make it through the system and will help you get back to your life as quickly as possible.

From lost income related to the time your case takes to make its way through the system to consequences of a potential conviction, an experienced criminal defense attorney will help you weigh the financial considerations related to your charges.

It is also important to recognize that most law firms provide a consultation for your case at no cost.

9. Defense Attorneys Understand the MI Court System

Too often people end up spending more time in jail or paying higher fees because they did not understand how the court system works.

From missing hearings to not filing the proper paperwork, the process alone can be overwhelming. An expert criminal defense attorney understands the process from the moment someone is arrested through the time he or she is sentenced.

Hiring an attorney early in your case can ensure someone is able to negotiate your case right from the start. This is vital because immediately after someone is arrested often determines what charges are formally filed or even if any charges will be filed at all.

10. Defense Lawyers Can Better Examine the Evidence

The prosecution has experts reviewing the evidence in a case and so should you. When you hire an experienced criminal lawyer, they will protect you from any evidence that may have been gathered illegally or that may have been tampered with in your case.

In addition, your attorney will be able to reign in any witnesses who have exaggerated the truth and to point out any weaknesses in their statements. 

Besides examining the evidence of the prosecution, your defense team will have connections with local experts in the area from medical practitioners and private investigators to a wide array of other expert witnesses. These individuals can be consulted to add stronger evidence in the defense of your case.

Hiring a Lansing Criminal Defense Attorney is an Easy Choice

These ten reasons clearly show why you should hire a Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney when facing criminal charges in the Lansing area.

Their expertise and knowledge will help you and will assist you through every step of the process. Your life, your future and your reputation are on the line, so do not leave these to chance. Hire an expert criminal defense attorney as early as possible; either at the time of arrest or when you are first under suspicion by law enforcement. 

There are vital negotiations that need to take place on your behalf during this critical point in a case.

Our legal team will be by your side throughout the entire investigation and will help you understand the entire legal process.

Our team at Basiga Law Firm will provide you with a 100% free consultation when you call us at 517-708-7830.