The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make When Being Arrested

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1) Clients often forget the Number 1 Rule: DO NOT MAKE A STATEMENT to the police. You have an absolute and Constitutional Right to remain silent! SILENCE IS POWER!!!

2) Clients also forget to ask to speak to a lawyer: You must make it very, very clear to the officer that you want to speak to a lawyer. Repeat this phrase over and over: “I do not want to make a statement, and I want to speak to a lawyer.”

3) Clients try to talk their way out of being arrested: When you are being arrested, there is (quite literally) NOTHING that you can say that will benefit you in the future – nothing. We all have a natural tendency to want to talk ourselves out of trouble. But, you must resist that urge as much as possible and follow the Number 1 Rule: DO NOT MAKE A STATEMENT to the police.

4) Some clients try to fight with the police. This is an incredibly bad idea. In the worst case scenario, you and the officer could be severely injured. In the best case scenario, you will end up with more criminal charges being laid against you. If you are being arrested, we will fight the arrest on the legal and factual issues. There is absolutely no need to physically fight with anyone.

5) Clients either forget or don’t want to call their lawyers right away. One of the first phone calls you should be making is to your lawyer! There is a lot that your lawyer can and should be doing when you are arrested. But, your lawyer can’t do anything if he/she doesn’t know that you’ve been arrested. So, if need be, commit your lawyer’s phone number to memory and call him/her right away.

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