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Basiga Law is considered one of  the Lansing Area’s top criminal defense firms with over 15 Years of Experience handling Felony & Misdemeanor Cases. At Basiga Law, we focus all our energy on providing aggressive criminal defense to the people of Mid-Michigan. We are extremely passionate about defending the rights of our clients and we will fight just as hard for you.

We are frequently told that what sets our lawyers apart from other law firms is that our lawyer’s care and concern for each client is evident in our actions. We know that our clients are facing challenging and stressful situations & we use all our knowledge & expertise to get them the best results possible.

There is nothing more frightening than being charged with a crime and the uncertain future that it brings. Don’t go through this time alone. We can help whether you are facing a drunk driving charge or a drug-related crime.

Aggressive, Passionate & Caring Defense Attorneys Who Will Be There for You 24/7, 7 Days a Week.

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BLF’s lawyers hold multiple law licenses. We are members of the State Bar of Michigan, State Bar of Illinois, the Federal Bars for the Eastern and Western United States District Courts of Michigan, and the Law Society of Upper Canada. We have had the privilege of representing clients at every level of trial court and continue to assist clients through each of their individual cases and legal issues.

We recognize that the consequences of the outcome of your case have long term effects that far outlast our representation of you. This is why we focus on obtaining the best result possible for you, whether that means negotiating a plea or settlement, or stepping into the courtroom to aggressively litigate for your rights.