Apple’s iOS 8 – A Troubled OS by a Troubled Company?

I am, by no means, a “Techno Geek”. although I love to surround myself with those who speak “techno-babble” and who stay abreast of the latest and greatest technological craze. But, I can’t help but notice that Apple, of late, has had its share of problems – the latest, of which, has been its newest operating system. Apparently, the new system has caused a litany of problems, forcing the Techno-Giant to recall/revamp the Operating System.

This can’t be good. This can’t be good, at all.

As a non-techie person, the fact that Apple has had to “pull” its newest OS, brings to mind the recalls that GM has been facing and the woes that have ensued ever since. But, for me, it goes even deeper than that: From my standpoint, it has been a long time since Apple actually invented something new or revolutionized the way we look at technology! The only thing the company seems to be doing, is releasing the same product over and over…but in a different box.

While I am still an Apple “fan”, the Samsung commercial that back-handed Apple’s lack of innovation, really seems to be holding true to form! Where it was once a leader, Apple has apparently fallen far enough behind that it is only able to copy what others have already created.

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