Lansing Assault and Violent Crimes Attorneys

Anyone facing assault or other violent crime charges needs to get an experienced criminal defense attorney to start building his or her defense right away.  At Basiga Law Firm we have the skills and training needed to help you with any of the charges outlined below.  Our team will thoroughly investigate the incident and will collect evidence to use against the prosecution’s case.

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Arson Charges

If you are accused of committing arson charges, you must get an experienced lawyer to help in your case.  Arson is defined as starting or aiding in a fire meant to damage a building, dwelling or other pieces of personal property.  Additional charges may be brought against you related to the physical injury of a person as a result of the fire.

Basiga Law Firm’s arson defense team is ready to explain the different degrees of arson charges to help you understand how your case proceeds through the judicial system.  Our knowledgeable attorneys will be by your side throughout the entire proceedings.


Assault and Battery Charges

In Michigan, assault and battery charges vary depending on the circumstances of a case.  A majority of these cases are charged as misdemeanors, however there are some instances where you may face a felony charge.  Assault and battery charges result from causing physical injury to another person..  If the person who was attacked received a serious injury because of the contact, you may face aggravated assault charges instead.

The legal team at Basiga Law Firm will work with you to learn more about your case in order to build the most effective defense for you.


Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse Charges

Under Michigan law, you may face domestic violence if you have a relationship with the victim.  These charges are very serious and come with heavy penalties if convicted.  You can be charged with domestic violence if your relationship with the victim falls under any of the following circumstances:

  • Someone who lived or currently lives in your home
  • Spouse or former spouse
  • A person who shares a child with you
  • Individual with whom you have or had a dating relationship

It can be tough to face domestic violent charges.  We know that relationships can be complicated and that it is important to hear both sides of the story when dealing with these cases.  Your legal counsel at Basiga Law Firm wants to hear your story.  We will build an effective defense to combat the domestic violence charges being brought against you.


Gun Laws and Felony Firearm Possession Charges

In order to carry a firearm in Michigan, you will need to apply for a license called a Concealed Pistol License (CPL)..  However, having a license does come with restrictions.  If you have a CPL and are facing charges for not following these restrictions contact Basiga Law Firm  today.  We will fight to protect your right to carry a firearm.

State gun laws also clearly outline penalties for illegal possession, manufacturing, or sale of firearms.  If you are found breaking one of these laws, you could face severe penalties.  In addition, there are certain weapons that have been outlawed in Michigan.  Anyone possessing these weapons will be charged with a felony.  Contact Basiga Law Firm today to help you in your felony firearm possession case.


Homicide/Murder Charges

Being charged with murder means you could be facing the prospect of serving the rest of your natural life in prison, if convicted.  In order to build your defense, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.  The circumstances of your case will determine what charge is filed against you.  They range from manslaughter charges to first-degree or second-degree murder charges.

The Okemos defense attorneys at Basiga Law Firm will collect evidence and will strive to combat the case being brought against you by the prosecution.  We will use an array of experts and witnesses to help reach the best outcome for you.


Kidnapping Charges

If convicted of kidnapping in Michigan, you could possibly spend the rest of your life in prison along with being forced to pay up to $50,000 in fines.  Do not wait until formal charges have been filed against you in regards to a kidnapping.

Contact our criminal defense team at Basiga Law Firm to represent you even if you are just under suspicion by investigators.  These are serious charges that require experienced representation by a skilled defense team.  Do not risk a conviction, call us to defend you today.


Handling Personal Protection Orders

From obtaining Personal Protective Orders (PPO) against a person who has threatened you to having a current PPO dismissed, our skilled attorneys at Basiga Law Firm are ready to assist you.  We understand the nuances of PPOs and are prepared to help you navigate the court system to ensure the order is enforced if you are being threatened.

Our team is also ready to assist anyone who has had a PPO wrongfully filed against him or her.  We can help you follow the proper procedures in order to have aPPO dismissed or terminated.  Your attorney will take time to hear your story and will be an advocate for you throughout the court proceedings.


Self-Defense Cases

Making the decision to protect you or your family against harm from another person can be very difficult.  You often will be forced to make a split second decision when using self-defense.  Prosecutors will sometimes try to file charges against individuals who were victims who were just protecting themselves and/or their families.  Basiga Law Firm will work with you to handle any issues regarding your self-defense case.


Stalking Charges

Under Michigan law, stalking is defined as repeated harassment of another individual causing the person to feel frightened or terrorized for his or her safety.  The charges vary from simple misdemeanors up to felony charges for aggravated stalking.  You need Basiga Law Firm’s well-trained and experienced criminal defense attorneys to handle your stalking case.


Assault or Violent Crime Defense Lawyers

Contact Basiga Law Firm today to help you build a defense in any of the assault or violent crime charges outlined above.  The Okemos criminal defense attorneys at our firm will thoroughly investigate your case in order to build the best defense possible against the prosecution.