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Top 10 Benefits To Hiring a Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

Unlike playing a video game, you only get one chance to fight criminal charges. There is no, “sorry, I messed up, can we start over?”
If you don’t have proper legal representation you are risking your future. Some consequences may impact you in ways you never would have imagined. (future travel, future work, etc.) Even if you realize your best chance of making these criminal charges go away is to hire an attorney, it can still be very confusing when trying to find a good criminal defense lawyer in your area. This is why we created this list of 10 Benefits and Tips when looking to hire a criminal defense attorney. Hopefully, it will help guide you in hiring the best attorney for you and your case.

Is a Past DUI or Criminal Conviction Preventing You from Crossing the US/Canada Border for Your Work?

Working in Canada with a past DUI when an employee has to cross the US/Canada border can be difficult. It can create complications in his or her professional life. A DUI can bar admission into the country and make somebody criminally inadmissible. An experienced border crossing immigration lawyer can explain how to work in Canada with a DUI and assist individuals with this process.

What are the most common types of Visas needed to work in Canada?

Every year, immigrants flock to Canada to pursue work opportunities. If you are considering a similar move, it is important to understand the work visa structure in Canada. Interested in Working in Canada, Here is a list of the Most Common Work Visas needed to work in Canada. ESDC Confirmation Letter Work Permit, Open Work Permit, NAFTA Intra-Company Transferees, NAFTA Investors & Non-Visa Options.

Can Police Search My Cellphone in Michigan?

Today, many people live their lives on their cellphones. They have lists of friends, social media exchanges, work emails, and recreational apps installed on their device, which they take everywhere with them.

Because cellphones are so important today, it is important to understand your rights related to your cellphone and whether law enforcement has the authority to search it if you are stopped or arrested.

7 Reasons You Might Have Issues Crossing the US/Canada Border

Travelling from the United States to Canada, whether you’re a citizen of the U.S. or Canada, might not be effortless. As you reach the border, you might find yourself being directed for a secondary inspection at the final security checkpoint. When you find yourself stalled at the border crossing between these relatively friendly countries, several reasons might be the cause of your delay. It is critical you prepare for border crossing before reaching this point. Regardless of your citizenship status, the border officers have the right to stop anyone they deem a threat for entry. You might not have ill intentions, but incomplete or incorrect paperwork and bringing unauthorized items results in time delays, hassles, and possible detainment.

7 Things You Should Know When Traveling to Canada

Traveling to Canada, whether from the United States or another country, is an exciting adventure. Canada has plentiful sights, culture, and history. It is also a major business hub for professionals from around the globe.

When visiting the country, it is important to understand the legal logistics and be prepared for any border and customs hurdles you might face. From the length of your stay to Visa requirements, these 7 items are critical to understand before booking your flight.

What are the stages of a Child Protective Services Investigation?

If you are facing an investigation from Child Protective Services (CPS) through the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) you may not know where to turn. From being accused of wrongdoing to having to initiate an investigation against someone who abused one of your children, the process can seem overwhelming. You may feel lost and may not know what to expect as the investigation progresses.

What is an H-1B Visa?

One type of Temporary Work Visa issued through the Immigration and Nationality Act is the H-1B. It allows individuals to be employed in specialty occupations for a set period of time. Before the application process begins an individual must have been offered a position by an employer.

In addition, if someone is considering applying for a H-1B visa there are certain requirements that must be met by his or her employer in order for the individual to be eligible to file. An employer-employee relationship must be established by the employer who is petitioning on someone’s behalf.