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Difference between Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) and Operating While Visibly Impaired.(OWVI)

VIDEO POST: There is a lot of confusion surrounding the charge of Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) vs. the charge of Operating While Visibly Impaired. (OWVI) In this video, Attorney Brendon Basiga (Basiga Law Firm), summarizes some of the major differences between the two charges. For more information, please contact our office to set up a FREE consultation at 517-708-7830

Michigan State Police, Datamaster Problems, & the Impact it could have on MI DUI Cases Explained

VIDEO POST: On January 12, 2020, the Michigan State Police Department released a letter to the public, saying that there have been problems with the maintenance of the Datamasters throughout the State. Despite what police departments are saying, this will have a HUGE impact on drunk driving cases! In this video, Attorney Brendon Basiga, (Basiga Law Firm) explains why this problem has serious consequences for drunk driving cases in Michigan. The bottom line is this: faulty equipment, means faulty readings, which means faulty evidence, which means a serious risk of faulty convictions. Please contact us with any additional questions: 517-708-7830

Traveling to Canada: how does Canada know if you have a DUI?

Are you planning a trip to Canada and heard you will not be able to enter the country if you have a DUI on your record?

It is true visitors to the country will not be allowed admittance if they have been convicted of an alcohol related offense without proper advance planning. You may be thinking there is no way the border crossing officials will know about my DUI.

Perhaps it took place many years ago or in another state. The truth is Canadian border agents have access to a wide range of criminal databases that allow them to check each person’s background at the border or at Canada Customs and Immigration in an airport.

Top 10 Benefits To Hiring a Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

Unlike playing a video game, you only get one chance to fight criminal charges. There is no, “sorry, I messed up, can we start over?”
If you don’t have proper legal representation you are risking your future. Some consequences may impact you in ways you never would have imagined. (future travel, future work, etc.) Even if you realize your best chance of making these criminal charges go away is to hire an attorney, it can still be very confusing when trying to find a good criminal defense lawyer in your area. This is why we created this list of 10 Benefits and Tips when looking to hire a criminal defense attorney. Hopefully, it will help guide you in hiring the best attorney for you and your case.

Is a Past DUI or Criminal Conviction Preventing You from Crossing the US/Canada Border for Your Work?

Working in Canada with a past DUI when an employee has to cross the US/Canada border can be difficult. It can create complications in his or her professional life. A DUI can bar admission into the country and make somebody criminally inadmissible. An experienced border crossing immigration lawyer can explain how to work in Canada with a DUI and assist individuals with this process.