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BLF does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Good grief!!  That was really cold…but well worth it.  Yes, we are donating in addition to doing the challenge.  In the meantime, re-watching this video makes me want to reach for a hot water bottle! Here is the link to the video: BLF’s Ice Bucket Video Cheers, Brendon

The BLF Team, Rocks!!

I think I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am a horrible “vacationer”. Let me explain: it’s not because I don’t travel well – not at all. Given how much of a workaholic I can be, it is incredibly difficult for me to simply “relax” and “let things go”. Some would […]

Inspiration, courtesy of a Teenager, George Takei and Upworthy.com

I am among the millions of George Takei fans.  I follow his FB postings and often read the articles he posts on his page(s).  This afternoon, while going through my FB News Feeds, I came across the following article on the great George Takei’s page: http://www.upworthy.com/watch-a-teenager-bring-his-class-to-tears-just-by-saying-a-few-words-2?c=gt1 The short version is that this young man, after […]

To the Families of the 3 Moncton Mounties

News reports say that after approximately 30 hours of a manhunt, the Moncton shooter has been arrested.  Three RCMP Officers were shot and killed, each of falling in the line of duty.  On behalf of BLF, our thoughts, condolences and prayers go out to the families of each officer.  To the Moncton community in general, […]

The “Renovations” Continue – Virtually

In keeping with the spirit of “Spring”, BLF is continuing in its virtual “renovations”.  With the new logo in place, we have been updating all of our virtual pages: facebook, google+, and this site as well.  This site will, eventually be completely re-done.  But, for now, our letterhead, business cards, stationery, and other business “schwag” […]


Normally, I’m not one to jump on the proverbial “Band Wagon”, but this is one campaign in which BLF will join:  Bring Back Our Girls!   For those who are unfamiliar with which campaign I am referring: this is about the the 276 Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped by terrorists over a week ago. […]