Basiga Law has Officially Taken Over Carolyn Ayre, Criminal Law

For 15 years, Carolyn Ayre was a criminal defence lawyer in London, ON; and over the course of those years, she developed an incredible practice with an unbelievably loyal base of clients.  Carolyn was and still is, an amazing lawyer, and an equally as generous mentor.  Although she is off on a new adventure, I am happy to say that her legacy lives on – the Basiga Law Firm, as of Monday, August 19, 2013, has officially taken over for Ms. Ayre.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, we are still able to keep in touch.  So whenever guidance or assistance are needed, Carolyn is but a phone/Skype call or an email away.  

While some things may change, there are many things that are staying the same: the office phone number (519-432-7780) is still the same; her Law Clerk is staying on with BLF; and, above all else, our unwavering commitment to each of her/our clients has only increased with this transition.

Carolyn Ayre – we wish you all of our best, and our deepest thanks for your continued support.

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