BLF Tip of the Day – Your Silence is your Statement

It’s human nature:  we want to explain our side of the story, or we want to tell another person what happened; or, in the extreme, we want to clear our conscience.  But the interview room at the police station, or the backseat of a police cruiser, is the WORST place to give in to that natural instinct.

If a client is being charged with a crime and is under arrest, our number one piece of advice is to remain silent!  At that point, there is nothing that can be said that can make that situation any better.  Nothing.  Unfortunately, the reverse is NOT true: anything that is said at that point, will usually make things worse – a LOT worse.

So, if human nature is impossible to suppress, and words need to be said, make that statement in the confines of a lawyer’s office where the Attorney-Client or Solicitor-Client Privilege is in effect.

Your silence IS your statement.

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