BLF’s Michigan Office has New Signs Up!

I realize that I might be making a “big deal” out of something that seems to be so trivial but when we consider that the things that I once took for granted (i.e. corporate logos, business cards, letterhead, signage, etc.), have so much time and effort, seeing the signage for the Okemos, MI office, is another small victory for BLF.  Having a sign on the door and on the building directory gives the Okemos office a sense of permanency and stability – not to mention the fact that we no longer have to give our clients step-by-step directions on how to find our Michigan office.

Now if we could just get the London office that much closer to completion :)…..(I say that with love and affection)….

Stay tuned – there’s more to come.



BLF Okemos Ofc Sign 1 BLF Okemos Ofc Sign 2

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