Boosting Morale while Fighting-off the Winter Blues

As Old Man Winter keeps his strangle-hold on Southwestern Ontario and Michigan, we’re noticing that the Winter Blues are really dragging on and on.  While there are many solutions for this dilemma (exercise being amongst the best of all), we’re thinking of doing something a little less strenuous and a lot more mind-numbing: a matinee at the movies!!  More specifically, we’re thinking of taking an afternoon off and going to see the new Muppet Movie!

I’ve read multiple articles about how to ward-off the Winter Blues.  Perhaps it’s the movie-lover in me, but I was quite surprised at how seldom movie watching is featured in these articles.  Then again, most of the articles I read were featured in health magazines – so, it would make sense that exercise and diet are noted as the top two suggestions.

I’d be interested to hear how others combat the cloudy-day “blahs”.  As for me, I’m excited about our idea to hit the theaters and celebrate our inner child!  (Personally, I’m a Gonzo fan!)

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