China & Germany – Top Sources of Illegal Drugs Into Canada

According to a new CBC article, China and Germany were the top two source countries for illegal drugs into Canada.  Ketamine and GHB, better known as “Date Rape” drugs, were the main illicit substances coming from China, where the total value of drugs seized from China, between 2007 and 2012, was $1.5 billion, and $1.4 billion coming from Germany.  The full article can be found at:

In a related article, CBC indicates that the CBSA’s budget would be cut be 10%, where 250 officers (if not more) would be laid-off, implying that these cuts would lead to fewer “busts” and more illegal drugs in Canada.  That article can be found at:

As a lawyer, I can certainly attest to having noticed an increase in drug-related cases over the past few years.  While many of my cases still involve violent crimes, such as Assault, Domestic Assault (Violence), and Sexual Assault, as well as homicide cases, such as Murder and Manslaughter, my practice has seen a rising number of cases involving Cocaine, Marijuana, Ecstasy  and other narcotics.  I cannot say that this is as a direct result of the rise in the amount of illegal drugs coming into Canada.  However, logic suggests that that may be at least part of the problem.

While it may surprise some, as a Defence Lawyer, I am not in favour of cutting resources to law enforcement agencies.  The fewer resources that the enforcement agencies have to work with, the less information the justice system has over all – certainly not an enviable position from which to adjudicate.  Regardless of which side of the system I may be, the increase in illegal drugs into Canada, combined with budget cuts to one of the agencies charged with the enormous task of preventing such an occurrence, is not a comforting prospect for this Canadian.

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