Dear Terrorists: “Canada will never be Intimidated.”

Dear Terrorists:

You have sought to wreak havoc and chaos by striking at the very heart of a peaceful and beloved nation.  You have tried to sew fear and paranoia by corrupting two of our own, and turning them into instruments of your Evil.  You have tried to do all of this by murdering our honoured soliders, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

You have failed.

Canada is a peace-loving nation, populated by a multi-cultural people from every walk of life; from nearly every nation in the World.  Diversity is the very definition of Canada’s culture, as is acceptance and a celebration of that diversity.  Fear and loathing have no place in our hearts; they have no place in our minds.

Just as you feed off of Fear, so shall you starve from Canada.  As Prime Minister Harper bluntly said, “Canada will never be intimidated.”

Your mission is a failure; and your cause is a loss.


The “True North strong and free!”

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