EMDC: the new Tourist Stop for Politicians

According to this London Free Press article, Minister Yasir Naqvi toured the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre on Wednesday night.  Here is the link to the article:


According to that same article, EMDC has had visits from a group of bureaucrats, NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky, and now Minister Naqvi himself.  After his visit, the Minister issued more platitudes, more promises, and more political commitments to change.

So, what?!

Even if the Prime Minister himself came down from Parliament Hill, I would still be asking the same question – so, what?

When people are DYING, words mean next to nothing.  When people are being treated like caged animals, illusory promises are painfully insulting.  When change is so desperately needed, platitudes are downright pathetic.  The Task Force who was supposed to be dealing with this, has been deathly silent, while the conditions at EMDC worsen day by day.

EMDC doesn’t need more political visits – it needs action, it needs change.  Least of all, it does not need to become the new Tourist Stop for Politicians.

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