From Canada to the U.S.A. – Happy (insert Country Name) Day!!

Tuesday was Canada Day and Friday is (the U.S.A.’s) Independence Day!

Regardless of which side of the border I’m on, this week, it is a time for celebration and reflection.  Both Canada and the U.S.A. are celebrating one of the most important days in each respective country, and BLF is proud to be able to celebrate right along with the citizens and residents of both.  I suppose that’s one of the greatest benefits of being a cross-border law firm: we get to celebrate twice in one week.  The are a few other times that BLF is able to partake in two, separate celebrations for the same holiday, such as Thanksgiving and Remembrance/Memorial Day holidays.

No matter the holiday, no matter the country, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday this week.  Happy Canada Day, Happy Independence Day!

Cheers.  BLF.

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