How Do I Apply for a US Work Visa When Living in Canada

Working in the United States can provide great opportunities for you and your family. In particular, if you live near the border, you may decide to seek employment in the U.S. while living in Canada.

Learning how to get a work visa can be a complicated process which varies depending on the profession you will be working in once employed and the length of time of your employment.

Getting Started – Applying for a US Work Visa

The first step when applying to work in the United States is to find a sponsor.  Most, if not all work visas must be sponsored through an American-based company or employer.  That employer/sponsor is actually known as the “Petitioner” in that it is the employer/sponsor who is petitioning the U.S. Government on behalf of the employee.

There is a wide range of visa categories that allow Canadian citizens to become employed in the U.S. These range from individuals with specialty occupations in an array of occupations ranging from construction to agriculture to medicine and academia.

An overview, provided by the U.S. Department of State, of the Nonimmigrant Visas can help you determine if you fall under one of these accepted categories. Filing for these visas can be a complicated and will very likely require a petition by your prospective employer on your behalf.

Because of the complicated process, it is helpful to seek legal advice when starting the application to help you understand all the necessary documentation needed to ensure your success in obtaining a US work visa.

Required Documentation when Applying for a Work Visa in the US

The types of required documentation include a copy of your passport, travel itinerary, dates you have visited the United States in the past five years, a copy of your resume, an original copy of your job offer in the U.S.A., and a copy of the job description.

In addition, some applicants may be asked to provide additional documentation depending on the type of employment you are seeking in the U.S.

Some applicants may be required to submit to an interview.  It is always advisable to speak to an experienced lawyer beforehand to at least prepare yourself for some of the questions that may arise.  In addition, your counsel can help you be prepared with any additional documentation you may be required to present at an interview.

Being prepared can help expedite the process to ensure your success in obtaining a visa.

How we can Help

The process to work in U.S. can be complicated, but we can help you streamline the process. Our dedicated professional staff will help you through every step of the process to ensure you successful in obtaining your work visa.

When attempting to cross the U.S./Canada border, you may be completely denied entry into the country or you may receive a warning by the Border Patrol Agent. It is important to prepare in advance for any potential problems to steer clear of a confrontation at the border.

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Call our team of professionals today at Basiga Law Firm in London at 519-432-7780 to help you navigate the visa process.

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