Inspiration, courtesy of a Teenager, George Takei and

I am among the millions of George Takei fans.  I follow his FB postings and often read the articles he posts on his page(s).  This afternoon, while going through my FB News Feeds, I came across the following article on the great George Takei’s page:

The short version is that this young man, after suffering from many years of malicious bullying due to his stutter, was finally able to speak at his graduation, thanks to the assistance of his teachers and coach.  I thought that this story was particularly poignant for a law firm, and especially for lawyers, in general.

As a lawyer, it is my job to come up with arguments and advocate on behalf of my clients.  It is also my privilege to be able to represent them in court.  But, I often forget the one, simple, premise that is required of me: to be able to speak.  Communication can come in many, many forms.  It is not limited to the spoken word.  However, in the legal field, particularly in the World of Criminal Law, I have often ended the day with a hoarse voice from speaking in court all day.  Like many, I am very guilty of taking my speaking abilities, very much for granted.

I hope you can take a few minutes to watch the online video, and find your own voice through the inspiration of this young man.


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