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Have You Been Charged with a Crime in Lansing, Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor?

Lansing Crime Defense Lawyers - Felony DefenseWhen an individual is charged with a crime, regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, they must be arraigned. At the arraignment, a judge or magistrate reads the charges being brought against the accused in open court.

The accused is also provided with an opportunity to request the representation of a court-appointed lawyer if they are unable to afford legal representation. If the accused intends to hire a lawyer, they may do so at any time before or after the arraignment. Once the accused is arraigned, the criminal process begins. (Please see our criminal procedure page for a general overview of criminal procedure.)

If you have an arraignment scheduled or have already been arraigned, contact a BLF lawyer for assertive representation throughout your case.  The first step in the process is for us to meet with you for an initial consultation to gather information and to evaluate your case.

Family Law Attorneys

Lansing & Okemos Michigan Family Law Lawyers

Family law can compass many items, such as divorce, child custody issues, parenting time and spouse support.

Getting a Divorce in Michigan is difficult and challenging to all parties involved, including any children. It is an emotional roller coaster experience. Whether you are the person who decides to file for divorce or the spouse who is being serve with divorce papers, your entire world is being turned upside down.

You need a stable, reasonable, level-headed lawyer who will vigorously advocate for your rights and help get you back on track.

You need an attorney who can help guide you along the roller coaster. There may be times when you need a listening ear. There may be times when you need someone to fight hard for your rights.

You may need a detailed eye to help sort out your assets and figure out what can be done to preserve your financial future. Basiga Law Firm will be there for you, no matter what you may need.

US-Canada Border Crossing

H-B1 VisaCrossing the border between the United States and Canada may not be as simple as most people think.  Did you know that if you have a prior criminal conviction on your record that it may prevent you from entering either country?  More specifically, having been convicted of a “crime involving moral turpitude” will most likely cause issues at either border, ranging from a complete denial of entry to a stern warning from the Border Patrol Agent.

If you have any doubts that a prior criminal conviction could cause you to have issues crossing the US/Canada border, call us today to set up a consultation.