Rebecca Ford: 1 Year Later

Dear Ms. Rebecca Ford,

In honour of your 1 year work anniversary, BLF would like to present you with a very unorthodox present: a Harley Quinn Collector’s Statue.  After 3 comic book stores, and a venture into the dimensions of comic books and graphic novels, I’m very happy that you like your present.

Over the past year, you have brought sanity to my “organized chaos”, as you put it.  Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, your million-and-one questions…and above all else, thank you for your commitment to BLF and our clients.  I brag about your excellence to all who will listen, and I mean every word of it!

Thank you for an incredible year.  We are very much looking forward to another year of “pure awesomeness” :).

RMF's 1 yr Work Ann Gift


Brendon Basiga

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