Republicans Dominate, and now the Questions Begin.

It was election night, and the Democrats have been dominated by the GOP.  So now what?  Where does that leave the battle between the President and Congress?  More importantly, has this made things better or worse?  With a surprising number of States that went from Blue to Red, at least one thing seems clear: the voters are not happy with the status quo and something needs to change, and soon!

Among the multitude of questions, the most pervasive question now is: Who is going to be running for the Big Chair?  Hillary?  Christie?  Above all else, I suspect a lot of people are wondering if the Democrats even have a shot at winning the Presidential Campaign?

As for us criminal lawyers, what changes are coming down the line?  And what is going to be done about the blatant conflict of laws between the State laws that allow Medical Marijuana, and the Federal Government that still has weed listed as a Schedule I, controlled substance?  Are the dispensaries going to have to shut down?

So many questions…and so little time.  It’s going to be a rollercoaster of a ride for the next 2 years.  Hang on tight!

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