Same Sex Marriages – Put on Hold

As of Saturday, early afternoon, multiple couples got married, thanks to the decision of U.S. District Court Judge Bernard Friedman. But, as of Saturday, late afternoon / early evening, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a “stay” of that decision – essentially putting a hold on the effectiveness of Judge Friedman’s decision. Of all of the recent legal battles, these cases have captivated my attention, the most. As a direct result of the “stay”, these couples’ marriages have not been recognized by the State of Michigan.

On behalf of BLF, let me issue our most heartfelt Congratulations to all of the newly weds in Michigan!! We wish you all the very best!

As for the battle over homosexual marriages, it is troubling to me that an enlightened society, in this modern age, still holds echos of a time when my own marriage would have been considered illegal. To be clear: religious objections, although I do not agree with them, are not the source of my malcontent. Those who have a religious view against gay marriage are equally as free to voice those objections, as I am to voice my support. Those objections broker no malice with me. What is quite baffling to me is that the State (by way of the Attorney General), who is constitutionally mandated to be separate and apart from religion, is actively fighting against this enumerated right. I am astounded by the State’s audacity to fly in the face of historical and encyclopedic case law instituting a chasm between State and Religion.

In any event, like many others, BLF will be paying close attention to the coming rulings on these cases. In the meantime, let the wedding celebrations abound!!

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