Spartans and BLF Mourn the Death of a Princess

Lacey Holsworth, a.k.a. Princess Lacey, died today.  Cancer took another precious life and BLF mourns alongside all MSU Spartans, particularly Adreian Payne and the Holsworth Family.  While I cannot claim any personal connection to Princess Lacey, I know that I am amongst the thousands of people whom she has inspired.  She was as iconic to MSU basketball as the Spartan logo, and infinitely more beloved.  

On any given day, BLF and her staff struggle with personal and professional dilemmas.  We celebrate victories both big and small.  But, Princess Lacey has reminded everyone to celebrate Life itself.  How many countless pictures are there, of this young woman, smiling and cheering on her “big brother”?  How many times have we seen Princess Lacey with or on top of Payne’s shoulders, waiving to the crowd as a loyal Spartan fan?  How many times has she reminded us to celebrate our own lives, by doing nothing more than simply living hers?

To all of her family (blood and otherwise), BLF sends our deepest and most profound condolences.  And to Princess Lacey, thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

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