The BLF Team, Rocks!!

I think I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am a horrible “vacationer”. Let me explain: it’s not because I don’t travel well – not at all. Given how much of a workaholic I can be, it is incredibly difficult for me to simply “relax” and “let things go”. Some would call that being a “control freak”. I prefer the term, “dedicated” :).

But, I can very happily say that that is beginning to change: slowly, but surely. Thanks for the BLF Team, I’ve actually been able to take a few hours this morning to relax. A little bit of chaos ensued this morning, but the BLF Team sprung into action. Within a few hours, everything was sorted and the seas were calmed once again.

So yes, I am bragging and praising at the same time: the BLF Team, ROCKS!!!


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