The “Renovations” Continue – Virtually

In keeping with the spirit of “Spring”, BLF is continuing in its virtual “renovations”.  With the new logo in place, we have been updating all of our virtual pages: facebook, google+, and this site as well.  This site will, eventually be completely re-done.  But, for now, our letterhead, business cards, stationery, and other business “schwag” are taking precedence.

Inasmuch as the law is the greatest profession in the World (at least in my opinion), a law firm is also the greatest type of business to run (again, in my opinion).  The trappings of a business are as important to the core of a law firm, as are those who make-up the law firm in the first place.  BLF is no exception.  That being said, our deepest thanks go out to our designer, Stretch Design, for assisting us with this major project.

So, stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen – there is more to come!


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