The Rob Ford Saga: How Much More Must We Endure?

Under the auspices of trying to stop gang violence and drug trafficking, police in Toronto and Windsor arrested 28 people (19 in Toronto and 9 in Windsor) after several early morning raids, earlier today.  These raids occurred in the same area where it is believed that a, now infamous, video tape of Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack, is suspected of being kept.  This, according to a CBC news article:

For weeks (and perhaps even months), Canadians have been waiting to see this controversial video.  Countless news articles have commented on the Ford Family’s alleged connections to the criminal underworld.  I am willing to reserve judgment on these allegations – I am even willing to maintain as much objectivity as I can, as far as the supposed video tape is concerned.  But, what I am not willing to ignore is the far-too-close connection between the controversial tape and these police raids.   To add insult to injury, both the Toronto Police Chief and (not surprisingly) Mayor Ford both feign ignorance.

I am appalled at this blatant abuse of power.  My critics will undoubtedly point out that my argument is based on speculation – I agree.  I am speculating.  I am making a logical guess based on the implications that are screaming from the facts that lay before me.  Circumstantial inferences are powerful things – particularly when combined with supportive facts.  I cannot stay my outrage at the level of corruption to which these raids point.

How much more of this must we endure?

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