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Why Should You Hire a Disability / Social Security Attorney To Help With Your Claim?

The main benefit of hiring an attorney to help with your disability or SS claim is that it will dramatically increase your chances of being approved. Statistics show that while some without legal representation can have their application approved on the first try, (over 70% are denied) more often than not those without legal help don’t get approved.

Statistics show that Social Security is more likely to approve someone who’s being represented by legal counsel.

How Much Does it cost to hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer or Advocate to help with SSDI

Video: Attorneys Brendon Basiga & Andrew Rockafellow discuss How Much it Costs to Hire a Disability Attorney to Help You.

Their are Huge Benefits to hiring a Disability Lawyer to help you apply for SSDI.

A recent reader survey on the website Nolo shows that people who hire attorneys to help them with their SS Benefits Claims were twice as likely to get approved vs. those without legal representation.

“Our survey showed that hiring a disability lawyer makes a big difference in the outcome of SSDI and SSI claims. About a third of our readers (33%) had the help of an attorney at some point in the process of applying for benefits and pursuing an appeal (if they went that far). Of those readers with legal representation, 60% were ultimately approved for benefits, compared to 34% of those who didn’t have a lawyer’s help. That means that having a lawyer nearly doubled applicants’ chances of getting benefits. (A government report from 2017 backs up this data; the report found that disability applicants who used representatives were allowed benefits 2.9 times as often as those without.)”

From the initial application to possible hearings our attorneys understand how to present a case that will have favorable results for you.

The time to call an attorney is before you apply. If you wait until you have submitted your application and are waiting for a response there is rarely anything that an attorney can do to help at that point.

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How Much will it Cost to Hire Basiga Law to Help Me?

Andrew Rockafellow | Highly Experienced Social Security/Disability Attorney

When you are unable to work, the idea of hiring an assertive and knowledgeable disability attorney seems impossible. Basiga Law Firm can help!

A disability attorney CANNOT charge you a retainer fee or up-front fee.

Federal law sets how much a disability attorney can charge you. The only fee that can be charged is 25% of past-due benefits up to a maximum of $6,000.

There may be additional expenses, such as the costs for obtaining medical records or other necessary documentation. However, these expenses are collected only at the end of your case and ONLY if you receive your disability benefits.

Don’t lose out on the disability benefits that you are entitled to.

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Did You Apply for Social Security Benefits and Get Denied?

If you did, it’s not surprising as Approximately 70% of initial applications are denied!

However, benefit denial is not the end of the road – contact Andrew at the Basiga Law Firm to review your individual situation and initial application. Mr. Rockafellow has a passion for working with individuals who have applied for and been denied Social Security Disability benefits. If you are denied disability benefits after the initial application, you can appeal the decision with Basiga Law Firm’s assistance.

Don’t lose out on the disability benefits that you need TODAY!

Video: Attorneys Brendon Basiga & Andrew Rockafellow discuss tips when applying for SSDI

How I Can I Appeal the Denial of My Social Security or Disability Benefits?

An appeal of the denial decision must be filed within 60 days from the date you receive your Notice of Denial letter. Don’t wait to contact Basiga Law Firm to help you!

Although you can appeal a Social Security Disability denial on your own, working with Basiga Law Firm’s expert attorney representative may increase your chances of winning your appeal. Our firm has more than 15+ years of experience working with Social Security Disability benefits. Andrew Rockafellow will advise you of your rights and will strongly advocate for you during the appeal process.

Basiga Law Firm can assist you with your entire appeal process, including helping you obtain your essential medical records and documentation of your physical or mental limitations. Both historical and current medical records are the most important part to help you obtain the Social Security disability benefits that you need.

Let our knowledge of the process and what records will help you the most ease your stress and help you win your appeal.